Vertical tilt frame saws for Caterpillar

Scope of Project

Supply a vertical Tilt Frame saw to fit within a specific area on the floor and able to utilize their specific fixtures as well as their specific requests for certain design requirements.


  • Permanent max. settings for feed rate and feed pressure based on their specific requirements
  • Hydraulic dump valve in-line with Tension cylinder for easy blade change
  • Hydraulic vising customized for their trim stop device
  • Additional T-Slot to secure tube marking device
  • ½ ton chiller unit integrated into the hydraulic system to cool the oil
  • Shorten machine length to 94” front to back
  • Quick disconnect vising system for use of intricate fixtures
  • Additional table wings on both sides of the saw to accommodate fixtures
  • Rewire the control switches for specific operation
  • Redesign of covers and guards for specific operator requirements.
  • Special paint scheme of certain components
  • No flood coolant system (micronized mist system only)

Final Configuration

We took our standard vertical tilt frame saw at the time, our VB-181C, and stripped half the machine away. We had to shorten the machine length by 7” to meet the 94” overall length requirement. By redesigning the front control panel and moving the hydraulic tank mounting system we were able to accomplish this task.

We integrated the ½” ton chiller unit into the hydraulics along with a dump valve for the tension cylinder relief and used special valves to set the max. feed rate and feed pressure on each machine. Each machine is located into a specific cell and that cell has a designated tube size range it processes thus the different settings of rate and pressure.

They requested that some separate operation switches be integrated into one switch to minimize the number of switches pushed or operated to run the saw.

Vises were cut down and a special rear jaw was supplied so there trim stop device would mount up perfectly.

We eliminated the flood coolant system and replaced with a Unist micronizer system made specifically for sawing applications.

A quick disconnect vising system was designed that uses no tools to remove and the entire vise system can be removed in under a minute. Along with this extension table wings were added with a specific hole pattern. These items allowed for the use of 1000’s of CATs fixtures to be utilized. CAT requires certain areas of equipment to be painted specific colors based on movement and/or what is contained within that area.

They requested the front blade guard be extended to a specific length and that the upper band wheel covers be designed so that only the side for blade changes opens and done so with a shock absorber assist. It keeps the cover open while the blade change is being performed and holds the cover closed. No tools required to open or close the band wheel covers and secure them.

We were able to honor all of their requests with out issue and did so within budget and on time for all 11 machines! Many of these saws have well over a million cycles on them and still running strong.