Max. CapacityRound39.4
Rectangular (HxW)39.4" x 39.4
Saw BladeSpeed66 ~ 264
Size2-5/8" x .063 x 370
CleaningPowered Wire Brush
Blade GuideTungsten Carbide w/
Hydraulic clamping force
Motor OutputSaw Blade15 HP
Hydraulic3 HP
Coolant1/2 HP
Hydraulic Oil Capacity26.4 Gal
Coolant Capacity31.7 Gal
Vise ControlFull Stroke Hydraulic
Net Machine Weight24,200 lbs
Feeding Length19.6
Floor Space80.8" x 173.4" x 137.9


Built in work lightStandard
Complete coolant systemStandard
Digital blade speed indicatorStandard
Hydraulic blade tensionStandard
Hydraulic shuttle viseStandard
Out of stock sensorStandard
Power driven blade brushStandard
Work height indicatorStandard
Last cut functionStandard
Stepless variable speedStandard
Split viseN/A
Tool box with toolsStandard
Double retraction viseStandard
Hydraulic blade clampingStandard
Hydraulic power guide armStandard
Full stroke visesStandard
Double side material feedingN/A
Hydraulic Driven workbed rollersN/A
Planetary gear reducerOption
Blade deviation detectorOption
2M roller tableOption
Hydraulic chip conveyorOption
Nesting fixture (Bundle clamps)Option
Variable vise pressure regulatorOption
Powered roller tableOption