Horizontal Band Saws

The Champ series horizontal band saws from Peerless are heavy-duty, Manual or Semi-Automatic, general-purpose cutoff machines. These versatile machines were built in an ISO 9001 and/or ISO 9002 certified plant. There are a number of choices to choose from including straight cutting manual, single miter cutting manual or semi-automatic and double miter cutting manual or semi-automatic. All models with miter cutting capabilities use a swiveling head so the material stays stationary. All models have infinitely variable blade speed and conveniently located controls for ease of operation.

These Champ series band saws offer a cost-effective means of obtaining accurate cuts while saving you time and material. When you need square and parallel cuts on steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass or other materials, the Champ series band saws from Peerless hold true to close tolerances allowing the operator to produce precise cuts quickly, accurately and safely. Having all these features it’s no wondering why Peerless is The Industry’s Choice.

Round 90 Degrees Round 45 Degrees Round 60 Degrees Saw Blade (Inches) Drive Motor (HP) Weight (Lbs)
Champ-13S II 13" 11.5" 8.7" 1" 3 1639 Quote
Champ-13SA II 13" 11.5" 8.7" 1" 3 1738 Quote
Champ-16SA 15.75" 13.75" 9.85" 1-1/4" 5 2970 Quote
Champ-20SA 20" 20" 15" 1-1/2" 5 3200 Quote
Champ-DS 10" 10" 8.7" 1" 2 975 Quote
Champ-V II 10" - - 1" 2 725 Quote