Vertical Cutoff Saws

The Peerless V1860C vertical tilt-frame machine is a vertical tilt frame band saw designed to provide superior performance in both utility and production applications. The V1860C is feature packed, easy to set-up, accurate and quick to master.

The V1860C is a semi-automatic machine capable of tilting 60 degrees both left and right of center.

The standard V1860C is equipped with hydraulic powered band tension, Left-hand full stroke hydraulic vise, hydraulic tilt control, Adjustable blade cant from upright to 6° forward, infinite variable blade speed, separate and individually adjustable feed pressure and feed rate controls, built-in flood cutting fluid system, Micronizer mist cutting fluid system, powerful hydraulic drive system, a quality built-in work light.

The Peerless V1860C is equipped with a 1-1/4” wide band saw blade and a upper guide arm that is hydraulically raised and lowered. The Peerless V1860C has a wide array of production enhancing options, including automatic notching attachment, second hydraulic vise, digital readout for tilt, Automatic roll feed, automatic shuttle vise, work lift rollers and much more.

The Peerless V1860C saw is a better idea that is faster, more versatile, more accurate and easier to operate then ever before.

Round 90 Degrees Round 45 Degrees Round 60 Degrees Saw Blade (Inches) Drive Motor (HP) Weight (Lbs)
V-1860C 18" 15.75" 10.75" 1-1/4" 5 Hydraulic 4050 Quote