Capacity, Rectangle

23" Vertical x 18" Horizontal
Capacity, Round
Capacity, Rectangle @4515.75" Vertical x 18" Horizontal
Capacity, Round @4515.75"

Capacity, Rectangle @30

10.75" Vertical x 18" Horizontal

Capacity, Round @30


Blade Cant Adjustment

Straight Upward to 6° Forward

Blade Size

1-1/4" x .042" x 198"
Blade TensionHydraulic
Blade Guide SystemRoller Bearing Guides with Carbide Side Guides
Hydraulic System5 HP hydraulic motor with 20 gal. tank capacity
Cutting Fluid (Dual System)1/8 HP pump for flood / Micronizer Mist
Blade Speeds80-420 SFPM
Weight4,050 lbs.