Machine Maintenance

Maintenance Schedule

Before beginning work each day:

  • Check the hydraulic oil level, add oil as necessary.(middle level is better)
  • Check the cutting fluid level and add fluid as necessary. If the fluid appears contaminated or deteriorated, drain and replace it.
  • Check the saw blade to ensure that it is properly positioned on both the drive and driven wheels.
  • Make sure that the saw blade is properly clamped by the left and right inserts (blade guides).
  • Check the wire brush for proper contact with the saw blade. Replace the wire brush if it is worn.

Before ending day‘s work:

  • Remove saw chips and clean the machine when discharging the cutting fluid and when work has been completed.
  • When cutting fluid is being discharged during saw blade operation, follow the safety method carefully. Otherwise, it will greatly increase your chance of hand injury.
  • Lubricate the following:
    • Front vise slide plates
    • Rigid column
    • Rear vise slide plates
    • Quick approach device
    • Feed cylinder guide shafts
    • Rear vise guide bars

Once every month:

  • Apply grease to the following items:
    • Drive wheel
    • Idler wheel
    • Blade tension device
    • Worm shaft

Once every six months:

  • Clean the filters in the cutting fluid tank.
  • Replace the transmission oil after the first three months (or 600 hours of operation) Thereafter, every six months (or every 1200 hours of operation), whichever occurs first. Check the sight gauge to ascertain the transmission oil level.