Magnetic Chunks

Strong-Mag permanent magnetic chucks are manually operated, and all feature variable hold, enabling easy and exact positioning of the work piece with minimal effort. Circular chucks can be partially energized to aid in the correct positioning of the work piece. All Strong-Mag permanent magnetic chucks offer solid construction, which eliminates work piece distortion. Strong-Mag permanent magnetic chucks are designed for use in grinding, EDM spark erosion, even light milling. Circular chucks can be used on internal cylindrical or rotary grinding machines and for turning operations on center lathes.

Strong-Mag fine pole chucks feature a transverse pole arrangement to provide optimum hold on delicate work pieces. Steel and brass laminated top plate construction allows for work holding across the full width, as well as both sides. All fine pole chucks are manually operated and have variable hold. Fine pole chucks are ideal for holding small, thin work pieces (up to 3mm) for surface grinding and EDM. They can be used for grinding or light milling of small work pieces.

Strong-Mag electro-permanent magnetic chucks have all the benefits of permanent magnetic chucks. Electro-perms feature electronic on-off - a split-second electronic pulse turns the chuck on or off, which minimizes heat build-up and parts distortion. All chucks have incremental variable hold and have a built-in demagnetization cycle. Electro-perms do not require a dedicated power source, meaning multiple chucks can be operated off one controller. Electro-perm chucks are great for grinding large or small work pieces and can be used for light- to medium-duty milling.

The Strong-Mag range of magnetic chucks includes:

  • Rectangular chucks
  • Circular chucks
  • Radial pole chucks
  • Fine pole chucks