Magnets, Magnetic Tools, and Magnetic Work-holding:

Peerless offers perhaps the most diverse range of magnets and magnetic equipment available in North America today - Strong-Mag magnets. Our experience in magnets and magnetic equipment dates back to the 1970's, and we pride ourselves in being able to provide practical solutions to difficult problems. If you work with ferrous metals and you need to jig it, hold it, lift it, move it, grind it, or mill it, think Strong-Mag magnets from Peerless!

We offer a full range of magnets - from "popular range" magnets (bar magnets, pot magnets, power magnets, etc) to magnetic tools and welding clamps, from magnetic bases to magnetic chucks (circular and rectangular, permanent and electro-permanent), to the revolutionary Strong-Mag heavy-duty magnetic lifters - ultra-light yet ultra-powerful!

Specials are not a problem for us - if you have a "special" application or specific manufacturing drawing, call us and let us quote your requirements!