Magnetic Lifters

Strong-Mag permanent magnetic lifters - ultra-light yet ultra-powerful - are a revolution in the field of magnetic lifting. With so much power in such a light and compact unit, and so much "safety" built in, Strong-Mag lifters give you peace of mind while getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

Strong-Mag offers a range of 5 heavy-duty permanent magnetic lifters designed to provide maximum safety for a wide range of lifting applications, up to 4400 lbs with a 3-to-1 safety ratio! A safety catch ensures the lifter cannot be turned off automatically. All lifters are supplied with a Test Inspection Certificate guaranteeing the lifter is capable of lifting the stated Safe Working Load. All Strong-Mag heavy-duty lifters can be re-certified on an annual basis, or "as needed", in our facilities. With Strong-Mag lifters, you know you'll have a worry-free lift.

Strong-Mag heavy-duty permanent magnetic lifters can be used on flat or round ferrous work pieces. They can be combines with transporting hoists or integrated as part of a load/unload system. The flexibility of these "peace of mind" lifters is limited only by your imagination!