Popular Range Magnets

These are the magnets that do all the little jobs you need a magnet for - holding, gripping, clamping, and retrieving. A variety of shapes and sizes and magnetic materials ensure that there's probably a magnet available to fill your need - off the shelf.

Magnet materials include ferrite, alnico, samarium cobalt, and neodymium iron boron, or "neo". Popular range magnets are supplied with keepers, where applicable, to increase their portability and utility. Each magnet has a pull rating and a specified maximum operating temperature.

Potential applications are limited only by your specific need and your imagination. Some uses and applications include securing, jigging and fixturing, work holding, retrieval work, and component use in assemblies. The range includes:

  • Cylindrical and rectangular bar magnets
  • Pocket magnets
  • Button magnets
  • Power magnets
  • Pot and shallow pot magnets
  • Magnetic holdfasts
  • Magnetic disks
  • Flexible magnets and magnetic strip
  • Other miscellaneous shapes and forms