Drills & Cutters

When the job demands drilling large diameter holes through structural steel, plate steel, or pipe as quickly as possible, there is only one way to get it done – Annular cutters from Peerless. Built to perform on the job site or in the shop, our cutters have a wide range of applications.

Our Peerless cutters rely on the proven success and value of trepanning, or broaching, cutters to make cuts accurately, use less energy and extend tool life. The cutters are annular, which means they are round and hollow – all of the cutting takes place on the outer edge of the cutter. By cutting only the outer diameter of the hole and ejecting the remaining center as a slug, our Peerless cutters save time and reduce the cost per hole by saving tools, energy and man-hours.

Designed for use on magnetic drill bases, drill presses and milling machines, our cutters are much more efficient than conventional twist drills. They can also be used on curved surfaces or for interrupted cutting as well. The results are reamed quality, burr-free holes in one operation without the time consuming processes of drilling pilot holes and step drilling.

Our Peerless cutters feature a unique geometry for fast feed, lower cutting resistance, greater accuracy, longer tool life and a far superior finish. They are made out of M2 high-speed steel, the accepted market standard. Each cutter comes with two flats on the shank so that they will fit all magnetic drill stands and also on drill presses. Cutters with carbide tips are also available on special requests only. Our carbide tips are made from EN34 grade carbide which is very durable.

We offer a wide range of sizes in both imperial and metric diameters. They are available in Short Reach- 1” cutting depth – and Long Reach – 2” cutting depth. The imperial cutter range runs from 1/2” diameter through 2” diameter in both Short Reach and Long Reach. The metric cutter range runs from 12mm diameter through 51mm.


The Future of Drilling has Arrived!   

ICS Cutting Tools Designs the Perfect Point Drill®

Casco, WI --The innovative minds at ICS Cutting Tools have recently designed a completely new and radical drill--the Perfect Point®. The general form of this point resembles a modified form of a flat-bottom drill. However, this drill includes a helical or spur-style point and a special edge chamfer. Together, these elements create a drill point with six individual cutting edges. This point geometry produces a unique cutting action that allows these drills to function much like center-cutting end mills. Rather than effecting a drill's customary action, aPerfect Point Drill® performs much like a rigid, multi-flute boring tool. The drill's unique point geometry gives it a variety of advantages not found with conventional or specialty point styles. Most notably, these benefits include an improved cutting action that generates smooth surface finishes with excellent drilling precision and accuracy. This design also provides stability while substantially reducing chatter and vibration that is common with other drill point shapes. These drills combine the best features of metal and wood cutting drills and are well suited for drilling holes in a wide range of different materials. They may be used for drilling ferrous and nonferrous metals, natural and composite wood products and a range of plastics and similar manufactured materials. The major design element that makes the Perfect Point Drill® unique is the overall configuration and geometry of the drill point. Therefore, virtually any standard twist drill body style can be furnished with the Perfect Point®. Although the different drills are most commonly available in standard jobbers' lengths, they are also available as stub length and taper length drills and a selection of extended length drills, Likewise, they are available with several different shank styles, including standard straight shanks, 3/8" and 1/2" reduced diameter shanks, and a complete range of Morse taper shanks. A selection of surface treatments or coating is also available to suit special drilling situations. The most popular surface treatments for these drills are black oxide, bright finish and Titanium Nitride (TiN). However, gold finish, gray finish, Titanium Aluminium Nitride (TiAlN), Titanium Carbonitride (TiCN) and Zirconium Nitride (ZrN) finishes are available on request.