Coolube 2210EP (1 gal.)

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Coolube 2210EP is a premium quality vegetable based metalcutting lubricant. It is formulated to work with ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Coolube 2210EP is ideally applied with UNIST's Uni-MAX precise fluid applicators. Coolube 2210EP is a polar lubricant and is most effective when applied sparingly. If it is applied correctly and the proper amounts are dispensed, Coolube 2210EP will yield the lowest net manufacturing cost of any fluid. Cost savings will be realized through longer tool life, increased productivity, lower shop maintenance costs, clean chips, clean parts and clean machines.


Physical and Chemical Properties:

Appearance: Clear, Colorless liquid
Weight Per Gallon: 7.8 +/- 0.1 pounds
Odor: Neutral
Water Solubility: Insoluble
Flashpoint: Greater than 400 degrees Fahrenheit (COC)

Coolube 2210EP will not oxidize or polymerize, i.e. become sticky or build up residue.

Coolube 2210EP will not stain aluminum, steel or brass. It will not normally stain during aluminum in heat treating, although testing is recommended.

Coolube 2210EP has an unlimited shelf life.


Coolube 2210EP is used to lubricate ferrous and non-ferrous metals in the metalcutting process. In some cases, it is extremely effective in some woodfabricating processes.

Typical Usage For Light To Medium Machining Operation:

1 Drop Every 10 Seconds*
=450 to 600 drops per hour
=4.06 to 5.41 ounces (15 to 20 cubic centimeters) used in an eight hour continuous operation

This works out to $1.90 per 8 hour shift, or 23 to 32 cents per hour.

Coolube 2210EP when used properly produces dry chips, requires minimum machine clean-up and little or no part clean-up. Coolube 2210EP is compatible with all know materials. This eliminates the possibility of chemical attack to any base metal or material being used. In comparison, the average cost in a typical flood coolant operation includes:

2.5 to 5 gallons per minute for each nozzle
+5 cents per gallon maintenance cost (recycling & filtering)
+Shop maintenance and clean-up costs