Vertical Cutoff Saws

The Peerless VB-181C vertical tilt-frame machine is a vertical tilt band saw designed to provide superior performance in both utility and production applications. The VB-181C is feature packed, easy to set-up, accurate and quick to master.

The VB-181C is a semi-automatic machine. This means that after the cut is completed, the column returns to its original position and ready to perform the next cut. The VB-181C is capable of tilting 45 degrees both left and right of center.

The solid cast iron table and massive column contribute to the rigidity of these machines, so that cuts are accurate across the wider spans handled by the VB-181C.

The VB-181C is equipped with hydraulic powered band tension to ensure proper and constant blade tension, infinite variable blade speed, separate and individually adjustable feed pressure and feed rate controls, built-in cutting fluid system, powerful hydraulic drive system, a quality built-in work light and much, much more.

The Peerless VB-181C is equipped with an 1-1/4” wide band saw blade, upper guide arm that is hydraulically raised and lowered. The Peerless VB-181C has a wide array of production enhancing options, including the exclusive Peerless automatic notching attachment. The newest option is the Servo driven Automatic Roll Feed measuring system. No matter how long the piece, the feed movement is one continuous motion making cycle times shorter which results in higher production.

The Peerless VB-181C saw is a better idea. We have taken the tried and true concept of a vertical, tilt-frame band saw machine and brought it into the 21st century. This is accomplished by integrating hydraulically controlled feed and a direct hydraulic blade drive to eliminate power loss that you get from sloppy ring and pinion drives, pulleys and belts, cork clutches and other old fashioned, power robbing systems.

The Peerless VB-181C saw is faster, more versatile, more accurate and easier to operate then ever before.

The investment cost was kept down even with all the extraordinary features of this powerful machine. Designed for years of reliable service, the Peerless VB-181C saw includes the innovative technology that is available only from Peerless.

Compare the Peerless VB-181C saw and you will agree that this is the machine you have been waiting for. The applications for this workhorse are almost unlimited. You will find a meeting of form and function with the unique work-saving ideas such as the optional automatic notching device, optional hydraulic blade tilt with opposing cylinders, standard power blade tensioning, a standard upper guide arm, a digital blade speed display and much, much more.